Code of Ethics


By becoming a member of CEBA you agree to a common vision shared by every member that will give the consumer a clear and transparent picture of your store polices regarding warranty, labor rates and your store policies. This code of ethics is what will separate and define your business as ethical and help bring our ebike industry to a higher level of acceptance and let the consumer know that buying from a CEBA member is beneficial to them.

  1. Dealers are required to provide after sale service for every ebike.
  2. Dealers are required to always display professionalism.
  3. Dealers are required to inspect and test all new ebikes for safety and quality.
  4. Dealer are required inspect and test all pre owned ebikes for safety and insure it is not a stolen ebike.
  5. Dealers are required to clearly display all warranty policies in store.
  6. Dealers are required to clearly display labor rates.
  7. Dealers are required to display a current copy of the rules and regulations in print.
  8. Dealers are required to educate the consumer of the rules and regulations.
  9. Dealers are required to explain the features and functions of ebikes.
  10. Dealers are required to accompany first time e-bike customers on their first ebike ride and provide pointers.

If you are already practicing this code of ethics GREAT JOB!!!!
Get recognized at a national level and separate yourself from other ebike stores that are not obligated to follow a common code of ethics.