E-Bike Technician Training Feedback

E-Bike Technician Training Feedback

TERA (Toronto Electric Rider Association) President Doug Betty


Jon's Bikes - New York


I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in the Ebike business. The information gleaned from this training will not only make your repair and maintenance process far more efficient, but also professionalize your approach. The training will support your ability to serve your customers well by saving them money and giving them the tools to make informative decisions in the ebike market. Take this training and win your customer’s trust!


Steve Bowen, CD, BA
IG: rambotoba_ebiking
Trained on January 9th and 10th 2023

The CEBA eBike Technician Course is a must-have course for Shops and Mechanics working on electric bikes, scooters, mopeds or motorcycles. The training provides a good overview of the fundamentals of how these systems work, and an in-depth overview of the various connector types and recommended tools. Michael is a good instructor and ensures that every student is understanding the content and has time to ask questions. There is also some good discussion on the business aspect of running a repair shop. The troubleshooting tools, knowledge and techniques will offset the cost of this course very quickly.

Terry Pettigrew
Owner - e-CycleVictoria.ca
Trained on October 4th and 5th 2022

This online program is designed for professionals and businesses that are serious about servicing electric bikes, The training is laser focused on electric bikes but the unique training also carries over to properly diagnosing electric motorcycles, scooter style ebikes, stand up scooters and mobility scooters opening up your service center to help more customers and revenue. Not only will you get an understanding of each component in ebikes and how they work together this training will help you save significant time and the cost of labor as well as giving the customer a better experience. If you are removing and replacing components until you find the problem you are doing it WRONG!!!!!

This training does not involve removing and replacing parts until you find the problem and you don't use parts to diagnose the ebike you use the proper diagnostic systems combined with the proper tools to find the problem with 100% accuracy every time quickly and efficiently using the techniques in this training and takes the guesswork out diagnosing . Very efficient use of diagnostic tools and an energetic presentation by a master technician. If you are guessing this training removes all of the guesswork and would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry. Well done!!!

P.S. Very often, the dealers are left in the dark regarding potential changes to legislation and code/classifications of bikes. The Canadian electric bicycle association advocates for not only dealers, but for distributors, manufactures and riders.

Thanks Mike, and everyone else at CEBA for all your effort, hard work and advocating for all of us.
William Manuel
London Ontario

Thank you very much for the class. It was amazing. I feel like I can take on all the electrical bicycles in the world. At last I understand how the ebikes work.

Esam Jalboush
Sam & Kane E Bike Repair

The CEBA course was very enjoyable and easy to take part in. The way Mike establishes himself online makes it feel like you’re in the class with him. He is a very friendly teacher who makes the classes fun. It was easy to follow and if there were any questions, they would always be answered/talked about. Mike does not go to the next section of training until everyone in the class is understanding of what was taught, which I appreciated. With the knowledge that I learned from the course I was able to apply to a customer's Pedego that was having electrical issues. It took me 10 minutes to figure out because of the steps that I learned from the course.

Thank you for the knowledge, Mike!
Nick McCullough
Pedego Fredericton, New Brunswick
September 14, 2021

The hands on training was very helpful. It was nice to have the guidance on what tools to buy, how to use the tools properly, and how to safely work on an e-bike.
We have learned more ways to diagnose ebikes and tracking down failures faster and easier saving us time and money.
It is great value for all dealers, whether you are just starting or have been in the ebike business for as long as we have.

Joe Mogensen
Go Green Ecycles
St Catharines, Ontario


I found it very informative. I especial liked the way it was taught, I am one that learns better with hands on training. Sitting under instruction was great and the way it followed up with hands on training and actually working on bikes and components was the best. I really enjoyed taking the course and would recommend it to anyone who deals with e bikes either in service or sales. This training takes all the guesswork out of diagnosing ebikes and has already helped me diagnose ebikes quickly and efficiently.

Worth every cent!!!
Robert Greenwood
co owner of B&B Enterprises St Marys Ontario


I have to admit that on the flight from Winnipeg I was spending some time wondering if this 2 day training session was really going to be time well spent.
Also the cost? Flights, hotel, some meals etc. Knowing proper diagnostic procedures, learning how to use various testing equipment and meters etc.. as well as a wealth of information in dealing with common business pitfalls and costs to be avoided was invaluable.

The training has significantly increased our revenue because now we can service any make or model of ebike on the market that comes to our shop fast and accurately, giving us a big edge over our competitors.

Very professional, well organized and easily worth the cost and well worth it!!
Scooter pro


As a seasoned backyard mechanic I already knew a lot about diagnosing ebikes from a lot of trial and error and working on my own ebike. This training did teach me new ways to diagnose ebikes and how to substantially reduce the time it takes to find the problem. The training allowed me to combine my existing knowledge along with new innovative diagnostic techniques and troubleshooting processes to be able to diagnose any ebike in 15 minutes saving us time and money.
If you are servicing ebikes this training is a must have.
I would highly recommend this training to anybody in the ebike business.

Ron Greene
Brantford ,Ontario


After being in the E-Bike sales and service business for 5 years this training will help me greatly with tracking the various problems with customers E-Bikes and really speed up service to my customers. Very professional and well put together. This 2 day course is packed with everything you could think of and more. Much more than I expected.

Mac Gamble
Thunder Bay, Ontario


Both mechanics learned quite a bit and has been helpful already.  
All in all it was worth the trip!!!

Rob Hosking
Hosking Motorsports
Belleville, Ontario


Excellent training course. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity. Great hands on material and training. I feel much more capable and confident. I would recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Glenn Roberts
Guelph, Ontario


Overall the course was very helpful and informative for the repair and diagnosis of E-bikes and Scooters.
Our instructor was very knowledgeable of the bikes and the troubleshooting techniques needed to make efficient repairs. He was always quick to answer any question that arose and took his time to ensure that all participants were in complete understanding of each segment.
I would recommend this course to any of my colleagues in the industry

Jay Scott
Owner/Operator SCOOTZ
Sault Ste Marie, ON