CEBA E-Bike Technician Training


Now you can get trained online in the comfort of your home or shop. No travel expenses or worries about covid exposure.

Read eBikes International interview with course instructor Michael Pasquali HERE

The training covers every major component on an ebike that a service center will encounter. The main focus of the training is diagnosing Ebikes quickly and efficiently, using the proper diagnostic equipment combined with the proper techniques to diagnose any make or model of e bike in 15 minutes or less.

It was designed for everyone and every level of knowledge whether you just want to know how to work on your own ebike , thinking of getting into the industry or have an ebike shop and want to have the ability to diagnose an ebike quickly, safely and accurately. This training is a must.

The online course will cover diagnosing controllers, motors, batteries(both Lithium and lead acid), throttles, power failures and every component of the ebike. It will give you the ability to test the components when installed on the ebike and bench testing (off the vehicle). Our instructors have years of experience in the Ebike industry and will take the time to ensure every student is thoroughly trained.
This training was designed for:

  1. Ebike Shops
    If you have been running an ebike shop for years you know that little training, if any, is provided by a distributor. Most is left to you to figure out how to diagnose that particular brand of e bike when it needs a service. Most shop owners limit what types of ebikes to service and only repair what they sell. This training will give you the ability to diagnose any make or model of ebike and most other electric vehicles in 15 minutes or less, thus opening your service center to a new revenue stream by being able to service your competitors ebikes and other electric vehicles. As well this would be an opportunity to gain new customers for future sales, while cutting your servicing time down significantly, providing better customer service and increased profitability.
  2. Individuals
    If you have an ebike and want to learn how to service it yourself this training will not only teach you how, it will teach you how the pros do it. With the high demand for e bikes worldwide, more and more stores are popping up and the demand is high for ebike technicians. After completing this training you will have more knowledge, clarity on how ebikes function and how to trace faults down with pinpoint accuracy and within 15 minutes. Most existing service centers can’t match that and you would become an asset to any ebike shop.
  3. Distributors
    We can customize the training and tailor it to your product. We can offer the training to be product specific.
    The training is not just the technical side of ebikes it will incorporate training on how to optimize parts sales, optimize your service center and increase Ebike sales.


Past dealers from across the country and beyond that attended the Ebike technician training were already existing dealers. All dealers that attended serviced ebikes before and felt that they were doing just fine the way they were diagnosing ebikes and that they had enough knowledge to find the failure eventually. The problem is the way they were diagnosing ebikes was very time consuming and frustrating. They would spend an hour or several hours removing parts, checking them on functioning ebikes or replacing the parts with new parts only to find out that that part was not the failure. They would eventually fix the Ebike, (Some dealers have encountered ebikes they could not fix before the training) but could have had it diagnosed in less than 15 minutes and repaired in the other 30 to 40 minutes and back to the customer in less than 1 hour. After completion of the training they realized how much time and effort was wasted over years in diagnosing and repairing ebikes. After the training they applied the new techniques and diagnostic equipment and can diagnose and fix any failure on any make or model.


Just think of an auto mechanic, if you had your vehicle in for repair and they had to remove and replace parts until they found the failure it would certainly take longer and not be efficient or cost effective for the business owner. Because of the intimate class size our instructor can spend time one on one with every student to ensure they thoroughly grasp the training and curriculum. Once training is complete you will be a CEBA trained bike technician and receive a diploma.
The training has proven to

  • Increase safety around lithium batteries
  • Best practices on testing electronic components
  • Significantly increase efficiency in service centers
  • Improve customer wait times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Add extra revenue by being able to diagnose and service and make or model of ebike on the market
  • Bring a higher level of professionalism to our industry
  • Separate you from your competition
  • Most importantly: saving time and money

As e bikes and electric vehicles become more popular and people rely on them as their main form of transportation, CEBA certification training will help take the ebike industry to the next level.
Online classes are held on Mondays and Tuesdays, training classes are available for 2022.

Monday, October 23rd and Tuesday October 24th


Our training is planned months in advance and fills up quickly due to the small class sizes, which ensures every student has more than enough time with their instructor.

We will ship you all the required materials needed to complete the online training.
MCT Tester required to complete the course is your to keep as this is one of the tools you will need to efficiently diagnose ebikes.
One on one time with your instructor to go over any key parts of the training and to answer any questions you have.
1 year of full support after completion from your instructor.

Here is what dealers are saying about Ebike technician certification training:

"I am from Norway and being from overseas all the items needed for the training were mailed out to me. My time zone was considered as well. Our instructor was very thorough and clear in the unique methods that were taught. All of my questions were answered and I have one year of support as well."

Knut Tommy Holgeid
Fenom AS
Myrsnipa 29 A
3320 Vestfossen

"When I first signed up for the CEBA training I was skeptical. I didn't think I could learn enough in two days to make it worth the money. I even emailed Mike about it. He was very honest and responsive, assuring me that it would be worth it.

Now, a month later I am so glad that I trusted Mike. I now know how the brush-less motor systems work, regardless of the bike brand. It has allowed me to diagnose issues in sometimes only a few minutes. The course itself was very good and Mike answered any questions very well. He really knows his stuff!

So if you're thinking about taking the course, do it. If you work on, or own your ebike, the information will be extremely helpful."

Thanks Mike
Mathew Hellawell
Mats bike repair
Lethbridge Alberta

"The CEBA course was very enjoyable and easy to take part in. The way Mike establishes himself online makes it feel like you’re in the class with him. He is a very friendly teacher who makes the classes fun. It was easy to follow and if there were any questions, they would always be answered/talked about. Mike does not go to the next section of training until everyone in the class is understanding of what was taught, which I appreciated. With the knowledge that I learned from the course I was able to apply to a customer's Pedego that was having electrical issues. It took me 10 minutes to figure out because of the steps that I learned from the course."

Thank you for the knowledge, Mike!
Nick McCullough
Pedego Fredericton, New Brunswick
September 14, 2021

"I have been trying to learn more about the e-bike technology for some time, but I found the information online was not organized and sometimes even contradictory. The CEBA technician training was referred to me by a friend. From the CEBA website and after talking to Mike, I knew this training could be worth doing. But I was still a bit concerned about its effectiveness as it is currently offered online only. Well, I must say Mike did a great job in delivering the training online as good as that of an in-person training. The curriculum is well designed with a lot of information that will be a great head start for those building a career in the e-bikes tech sector. A lot of fundamental concepts and more in one place explained by an expert!”
Best Regards,

Pat C
London Eco Bikes
April 15 2021

“Last year I purchased an ebike with no experience at all about maintenance, care or troubleshooting a minor problem. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the experience and wanted to learn as much as possible. I studied youtube and reddit, downloaded manuals, and attempted to source any other information that I could find. The problem was even with all of this information about electronics and other different components, I still lacked an actual understanding of how and why they worked. The lessons we learned from our instructor Mike were invaluable. When I first got my bike I was intimidated to just open it up. Not only did I walk away with the knowledge and confidence to open the bike, but I was able to strip it down and check and test each and every component PROPERLY AND SAFELY. My greatest doubt coming into the course was how am I going to learn all of these skills in what seems like such a small amount of time? With the CEBA Program I was actually amazed at everything that was fit into the course and everything is taught in such a way that it becomes repetition for when you take it outside of the program. The online training was setup in a way that you could apply the hands on training to your own ebike instantly after each session thus making it a lot easier to transport theory to practice. Upon completing the course our instructor made sure to remind us that we can call him anytime for advice or support on any job into the following year which was a big plus. From the diagnostic machine, and extra attachments, to helping me find placement after the course. I can't thank our Instructor Mike and the entire CEBA enough. Whether you're a hobbyist or work on bikes for a living, I strongly recommend this course to become a Technician. From electric bicycles,motorcycles,e-scooters and mobility scooters, the information is seemingly endless. As a student and member I'm both happy and proud to say I now completely understand why CEBA is recognized as the Canadian Standard for all electric bicycle and electric vehicle technicians. Thank you for all of the time, knowledge, and understanding."

Joshua Rhoden.
April 15 2021

“It was my pleasure to have the chance to attend CEBA Training Courses and Hands-On. Michael is a very good teacher and opens to answer any technical questions. This course is very useful training and hands-on exercises. Well-arranged steps and exercises. I personally would like to have in-person class but because of COVID-19 our schedule changed to online training. Anyways, I would recommend attending this course if you would like to work in ebike industry."

Best Regards,
Vahid Ghasemi
March 12 2021

“I participated in Online CEBA Training Course and Hands-On instead of an in-person class because of Covid restriction. I have got so much useful information in this course and it was very helpful. I definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to work in the electric bikes and scooters industry. Thanks Michael for your awesome training."

Fatemeh Omidzohour
March 12 2021

“We have been in the ebike business for about seven years and no training existed when we first started. We had to figure out problems all on our own. We decided to invest in the training and take our newest employee Blake with us to learn how to diagnose e bikes in a structured setting. Our instructor did a great job of presenting the e-bike technical education, teaching hands on diagnostics & troubleshooting, answering questions and providing guidance to the students who had specific questions about the e-bike industry.”

Jon's Bikes - New York

“The hands-on training was very helpful. It was nice to have the guidance on what tools to buy, how to use the tools properly, and how to safely work on an e-bike. We have learned more ways to diagnose e bikes and track down failures faster and easier saving us time and money. It is great value for all dealers, whether you are just starting or have been in the ebike business for as long as we have.”

Joe Mogensen
Go Green Ecycles
St Catharines, Ontario

“As a seasoned backyard mechanic I already knew a lot about diagnosing ebikes from a lot of trial and error and working on my own ebike. This training did teach me new ways to diagnose e bikes and how to substantially reduce the time it takes to find the problem. The training allowed me to combine my existing knowledge along with new innovative diagnostic techniques and troubleshooting processes to be able to diagnose any e bike in 15 minutes saving us time and money. If you are servicing ebikes this training is a must have. I would highly recommend this training to anybody in the ebike business.”

Ron Greene
Brantford ,Ontario

“After being in the E-Bike sales and service business for 5 years this training will help me greatly with tracking the various problems with customers E-Bikes and really speed up service to my customers. Very professional and well put together. This 2 day course is packed with everything you could think of and more. Much more than I expected.”

Mac Gamble
Thunder Bay, Ontario

“Both mechanics learned quite a bit and has been helpful already. All in all it was worth it.”

Rob Hosking
Hosking Motorsports
Belleville, Ontario

“Excellent training course. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity. Great hands on material and training. I feel much more capable and confident. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. Glenn Roberts
Guelph, Ontario