Technician Training

E-Bike Technician Training

Learn how to use cutting edge diagnostic tools and techniques to diagnose any make and make or model in 15 minutes or less. If you are working with Gio, Emmo, Daymak, Tao Tao,Prime Scooters, Amego, or any other brand of E-Bike.

Benefits of technician training

If you have been in the ebike business for year s or just want to fully train a new employee tech training will benefit your bottom line. Having a huge edge over your competition and increasing revenue are just some advantages tech training will provide.

Here is what dealers are saying about tech training.

"The hands on training was very helpful. It was nice to have the guidance on what tools to buy, how to use the tools properly, and how to safely work on an e-bike."

"We have learned more ways to diagnose e-bikes and tracking down failures faster and easier saving us time and money."

"It is great value for all dealers, whether you are just starting or have been in the e-bike business for as long as we have."